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Sharkrf Openspot

Post by N7YO » Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:54 am

Here is a way for other who may have another brand of digital radio such as DMR or DStar. You can setup your own "Hotspot" that will do cross mode...i.e. DMR to C4FM (WiresX), Dstar to C4FM etc. etc. etc.... (it will not do standard FM to digital conversion however) The Sharkrf Openspot will do this for you. You plug it into any router with access to the internet and do a few settings and it is on the air. The website has an online user manual and there are instructional YouTube videos as well.

Check out this link for more information

Or google Sharkrf Openspot for more information.

I will be setting one up as soon as it arrives!
73's Jim N7YO

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