AE7OC/AA7GS System Fusion Repeater

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AE7OC/AA7GS System Fusion Repeater

Post by N7YO » Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:40 am

Hi All, I have decided to start a separate forum heading here to discuss the happenings in the digital voice area. The newest related thing here in Great Falls is the AE7OC 147.84/24 repeater located on the north edge of Great Falls. WiresX has been operating on this repeater for the last two weeks or so and seems to be doing just fine. The WiresX node is working under George's callsign of AA7GS. I have made a few minor tweeks to the system, one being that it remains linked to the "America Link" node. This can be changed but for now we will leave it connected to that "Room" and see if we can generate some interest.

There is one problem I have noticed is that the repeater will no longer switch to analog mode while connected to a WiresX node or room. So for now the only way to use this locally is to have a Yaesu Digital radio. Right now the cheapest radio available for this is the FTM-100 at $299 shipped from HRO.

there are some other methods to get on the digital mode that I will discuss in another post in this section. If you have currently have a Yaesu System Fusion capable radio feel free to tune to the 147.84/24 repeater in the Digital Narrow (DN) mode and use it to your hearts content. That's what it's there for.

One of the benefits of using the DN mode is that if you have your GPS turned on in the radio, your location and your callsign will be transmitted with your transmission and seen by other users. The same thing happens to other users wherever they are located. When they transmit you will see their callsign and distance from you listed displayed on your screen.

More to follow!
73's Jim N7YO

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